The Milwaukee Brewers logo

In 1991 I was shown, what was then, the Milwaukee Brewers logo (they have changed it since), and I fell in love with design. Until that point I had never looked at the logo long enough to know that it wasn’t just a ball in a glove, it was so much more.

For the first time, I saw that this ball and glove was also an “M” and a “B” for Milwaukee Brewers. My mind was blown and I was in love. I loved the cleverness of it. I loved the mysteriousness in it. How very well hidden it was. Of course this wasn’t the first time this was done with a logo, but it was my first time experiencing it and I thought it was the dopest thing ever!

That one moment in my tenth grade year at a vocational satellite school that all Greensboro city schools sent students to, was the moment that changed my life forever. I am truly blessed that I found my career in high school and 27 years later I love it more than the day we met.

After many failed attempts at making design my full time job, I am proud to say that design is what I do all day long. I have an office with a Mac and a 32 inch screen that I work on. There’s a shiny, black glass table that I do my sketching on and a giant dry erase/cork board that I write all of my monthly projects on along with the status of the job. Design is what I do. When I’m home, I’m either studying to make myself a better designer, planning, sketching, or working on a marketing plan. Most of my target audience in my city knows my name and they tag me in posts on all forms of social media when someone is seeking a designer. I have customers in 16 states other than my own and that list is growing all the time. I have completed podcasts with others who invited me to speak on design. I am the go-to guy for quite a few companies when it’s time to promote or brand their business. I get to see my work on signs, billboards, and posters all over town. Plus I have made countless new friends by completing work for some great people.

All of this is what I meant when I said that logo was “so much more”. It was the start of an amazing journey. A journey that I’m glad you’re taking with me and I hope you will continue to take with me. A journey that began with a logo on a piece of paper in a high school Commercial Arts class in Greensboro, NC and continues with a Graphic Design company, a separate branding company, and so much more on the horizon. Buckle up and let’s ride y’all!


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