Therapy Sessions

I have really got to get better about posting in my blog. It’s been at least a month now since my last post (I didn’t check to see how long it’s actually been). I don’t even remember what it was about. I’ve got to do better. Might be time for a “blog post a day” challenge to myself. Might be time to start looking at this little page in my phone as a place on the proverbial couch, my Therapy Sessions.

I have been venting on Twitter, which I have lose to zero correspondence. To paraphrase something I once heard on a podcast; Twitter is just talking to yourself 140 characters at a time and allowing others to listen in on your conversation with yourself. And if they choose, they can approve of your thoughts, reply to them, or they can actually share them with others who have all of these same opinions. Well now it’s actually 280 characters and this is still super true of both my Twitter accounts. I have a personal account which I use to vent about real life stuff and a business account which I use to discuss all things design. Both are dry. About 5 years ago my Twitter page was jumping, then I went on Twitter hiatus and have yet to grab the crowd’s attention again. So my vent sessions on Twitter may or may not be read, but they’re definitely not responded to or shared (retweeted). I’m not consistent on either account. Maybe that’s the problem.

I also vent on FaceBook, and just like with Twitter, there’s a personal as well as a business account. My personal account is what my Twitter account used to be, times 10! I am a FaceBook SuperStar (insert Saturday Night Live character). Many of my FaceBook friends are people I know in real life. My business account is dry just like the Twitter accounts. It’s primarily used to go into my design groups to learn and gain inspiration. Just as in real life, my dry personality makes it hard to convince strangers that I’m worth listening to. The dilemma is that I’m cool with being a loner, but my pockets and bill collectors are definitely not cool with it. They tell me that I better figure it out and find a way to converse with them, engage them, and convince them that I am an expert. So I guess I better get to figuring that out.

Of course I also have InstaGram accounts. I bet you can’t guess how many accounts. That’s right, a business account and a personal account, I have two accounts on all three of what I consider the big 3 of social media. My personal InstaGram is very similar to my personal FaceBook page, I get lots of conversation…except if I post about design. As long as I’m discussing personal stuff, my “followers” will engage. But the moment I post anything design related, the engagement goes down and if I do it consistently for a while, I stop showing up on their timelines and I lose them, just like I did with Twitter. And I can’t afford to lose them right now, so I must stay active and post minimal design related posts. My business account is somewhat active. Most of my followers are current or past customers. They like stuff but there’s little engagement. I have been adding lots more followers over the last couple of weeks. Business owners, authors, public speakers, and other designers mostly. I figure I’d get them there first, and soon I’ll launch a campaign to start the engagement. At least there’s a plan.

Other places I can be found are Behance, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I can’t even remember the last time I posted on Behance, the quality of work on there ranges from wonderfully strange to extremely well designed. You see, Behance is a portfolio site for designers to show off their work and get inspired and critique other’s work. This is also what is done in my FaceBook groups. The difference is that Behance has a lot of different races, cultures and age groups where my FaceBook groups is mostly Black Americans around my age. It’s just a more comfortable place for me, so I am rarely on Behance. LinkedIn is another place I can be found. I have a considerable following on there but I’m simply not on there enough and have yet to create my LinkedIn voice. Coming soon though. Next is Pinterest, a site full of my favorite client base; women! I love the app for personal use and there’s no need to have two accounts so I save professional stuff as well. I simply haven’t taken the time to devise a way to use Pintrest to grow my business yet so for now I’ll just keep collecting pins needed for both, personal and professional gain.

I think the development of this blog will be a culmination of all my social media stuffed into one box made out of pure, unadulterated, business owner, designer, father, cigar smoking, cussing Jeffness. I will use this blog as my therapy sofa and just let it all out. So I hope you’re ready. Welcome to the Therapy Session.


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