The Beautiful Logo

So you’ve hired a designer to create a logo for you new startup. Your designer emails you a the proof of your logo. You love it!!! It’s great!!!! You forward it around to your friends, partners, and coworkers and they all love it. “It’s beautiful”, your friends say. It has touched your emotions, and aesthetics are definitely a part of selecting your logo. But is it correct for your audience? Will it attract the crowd that you hope to attract? This is a much larger part of logo selection and creation. Your logo is the design that will represent you as a first and lasting impression to your current and future customers. If it doesn’t convey the message that you want to send, you must be brave enough to step out of the emotional side of it and tell your designer to try again. We as designers, have no emotional attachments to the design, so we won’t have a problem going back to the drawing board. Our job is not to touch your emotions but rather to create a new emotional experience for your audience that will bring them back to you. -A Designer Named Jeff


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