You Are A Brand

 Whatever you’re known for is your brand, use it! If you’re known as the pretty one, the loud one, the one with the strange voice, or the one that has a crazy laugh, that is your brand. Find a way to incorporate it into your brand identity, it’s already how people know you.  

A brand is not a logo, a letter type, or a color; it’s all of those things put together plus a feel, how and what you post on social media, and more. Your brand is anything that makes your audience remember you after you have left them and they can recognize it even without any words telling them it belongs to you. Think about Apple products and marketing and think of how easily you can recognize an Apple ad even without the icon or the name anywhere on the ad. 

I downloaded Steve Harvey’s audiobook “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success” and it wasn’t his voice reading it. That kinda disappointed me, I thought to myself, this book would be so much more effective if it were read by Steve in his country grammar. His voice is his brand but for some reason he chose not to use it, taking away a little of the potency of the book. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great book and I took a lot from it, including inspiration for this post, but from years of hearing Steve’s voice, whether he was telling jokes, giving advice, reading the wrong winner of a pageant, or even discussing his ill advised meeting with Donald Tump, the points of the book would have hit home so much more if he had chosen to read it himself as Oprah does with her audiobooks. Steve’s voice is his brand, as much as his face, his suits, or his name.

As an Art Director I am trained to use any and all things recognizable as part of the brand building of a person, place, business, or whoever commissions my services. Audio, visible, or textured, use that thing that you’re recognized for as part of your brand.


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