My Target Audience is Everyone

Your target audience is not “everyone”. While we would all love to sell to everyone and get money from all demographics, the smart business person knows that different people like different things and it is rarely possible that everyone is gonna like what you’re selling. At age 41 I don’t like (or even understand)  the same things my kids do, nor do I like the same things my dad does, we’re different demographics. As a Black man I don’t like many of the things that my white or Asian friends like. As a man, I don’t even understand most of the stuff that my lady likes. And this is all fine. We like what we like, we’re attracted to different things. This is what makes the world beautiful. This is why you see different commercials on tv for different shows and different ads in different magazines and other media. This is why FaceBook seems to know who you are and the ads seem to be geared towards you. Intelligent business people know this and will not advertise to anyone who is not in their target audience.  Before you come to a designer and ask for a logo, brand, or any design, you must know who your target audience is. This is one of the most important questions on the design questionnaire. We must know who to create the artwork for, who to pick the font for, who’s color trends will we adhere to. Take the time to think about it and then decide, who do you want at the party? Who’s more likely to buy that product? Who’s going to be reading that annual report? As designers we are taught to ask these questions and we’re also taught what to do with the answers. We will cater the design to meet the desires of your particular audience. This is why you pay us. Anyone can open up PhotoShop and paste some images and words together but can they tell you WHY. Why they used those images. Why they chose those colors. Why they decided on those fonts, and that style? If not, call a Graphics professional, it’s in our nature,it’s what we do. But first things first, you must know that your target audience is definitely not everyone. 

The RedTiger

I get asked a few times a week, “why a tiger? It has nothing to do with design. And why is it red?” It’s a mascot or an icon that best describes me, my personality, my passion, and a grand symbolic representation of my business model. Plus it’s just super dope, right? 

As a branding expert who’s asking you to trust me with creating and implementing your brand, you wouldn’t accept that I chose my logo simply because it was super dope though, would you? So let’s get into why a RedTiger. 

In China, the tiger is considered the king of all beasts (not the lion) and represents powerful energy.  The tiger moves with a confident stride, an art of regal beauty in motion, fully present in every movement. The tiger is also the supreme master of his domain, a preeminent symbol to be bold, and fierce in all you do. Majestic and awe-inspiring are also words that come to mind when you are in the presence of a tiger. These are the characteristics that represent my business, and I fell the tiger speaks what I want my audience to hear. 

Red is the color of extremes. It’s the color of passionate love, seduction, as well as adventure and energy and life force. Red is recognized as a stimulant and is inherently exciting. Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element.

Now knowing all of that, why wouldn’t I chose a RedTiger? And why wouldn’t I take those two powerful aspects, capitalize both words, and then combine them to make one word symbolizing my business? 

This is the passion that I bring with me into every project whether it’s branding or just a logo, whether it’s art direction for an entire campaign or a symple flyer for one event. No matter the size or compensation of a job, I give every aspect meaning and then I attack it with the ferocity that can only come from a RedTiger. 

So even though I am doing business as Jeff Crosby or A Designer Named Jeff, I am represented by the RedTiger so I masterfully concluded that this should be the name of this blog. 

Welcome to my blog. Visit my site here to see my design portfolio.